It's not quite finished, but i was playing a castlevania game for a long period of time, and the music in those games is really cool in my opinion, and while ago, i tried to write my own, this is my first power tab song i ever wrote, and my first time posting a song ever, so be nice, the tab isnt polished, and comment and all that stuff, thanks for listening!!!
Castlevania Wannabe.zip
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thanks, i am trying to make it epic, but yah i do need to do those changes, could you help me with the time signature, i cant quite put my finger on that part? but thanks for he comment
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I used to play castlevania as well and you definitely captured the mood, which was awesome. It never got boring and I thought that it was pretty damn good. I agree with guitar breaker though, you need a time sig and measures, helps on the eyes to read. In any case, good job.
hey thanks, that was the second song i made on p-tab, and the the only one i havent fixed all the way, lol, but here it is actually again fixed, but all acoustic, its pretty cool, you need a big cutaway on the acoustic to play some parts, lol, but i made a thread for it, and forgot to title it right, so here it is. . .
Wow, that's some good stuff. I didn't really catch anything, so good job. =)