When I ordered my Epi Valve Junior I bought a cheap EQ pedal (Behringer EQ700 - £15) to give me a bit more variety. I've in the process of returning the VJ as I didn't like it, but I decided to keep the EQ pedal since it was cheap and can find some use for it.

At the moment, I'm sort of using it for boosts on my Cube, along with my OD-3. However, with the EQ i'm looking for a clean boost. Bit more volume and minimal dirt added to the sound, with a few boosted frequences - mids for example which would make me stand out a bit for solos.

But if I'm playing on the Blackpanel amp model (with gain just over halfway, for a small bit of breakup when strumming) and activate the EQ, I'm getting more dirt than I need.

Are EQs meant to do this? Or am I programming it in wrong? Or is it just because it's a cheap EQ pedal?
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