I noticed in the Hendrix videos the bassist is always using a Marshall stack for bass (sometimes up to around 5) I know Marshall makes bass amps, but The amps look like guitar stacks. To further my point, behind the drumset there is sometimes what looks to be 2 8x10 cabs.

What amps did the bassist(s) use?

in those 2 videos, the bass amps look exactly the same as the guitar amps. One thing I noticed is I think the bass amp cabs are both straight-front. In the second video they're using half stacks, the bass cab is straight.
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As far as I know, Marshall had different versions of the legendary Plexi head: the Lead and Bass versions. The bass, as far as I know, was the same, with a warmer, less cutting sound. Maybe that was used.
Tehy also made a Lead and Bass versions, were one side was standard and the other one had softer (bass).
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They did that too with JCM800's and probably more amps.
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What about the cabinets though?
Did they make bass cabinets? Or did the bassist just use guitar cabinets?
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John Entwistle of The Who used two (mabye more) JTM45-100w/8x12 amps before they invented the 4x12 stack.

Im really confused on why everyone says a bass will ruin guitar speakers. If you use a guitar head with the right wattage, i'm guessing you shouldn't be able to push enough low end to damage the speakers.
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