My first post here..
Wrote this last night, thought i'd put it up for comments.. Wrote it with a lot of blues guitar in my head, so obviously it went that way...

Bottle of whiskey my pillow last night
Got my guitar, i'm travelin light
Dreamed all night she's keepin me warm
Woke up with my six-string in my arms
My head is splitting, and i can barely think
Take me to town, baby fix me a drink
Just another one, i'll be on my way
Another lonely town, one more song to play

#Yes i'm a huntin man playin the blues
Lookin for my woman, burnin holes in these shoes
Came from the east, i'm goin down to the coast
Movin along, i'm a travelin ghost

Yes, i know she had a change of heart
Seven years then she wanted apart
No i can't live without her no more
So i sold my house n my '44
Now i'm nothin but a travelin man
I play for my drink, i eat when i can
Some sunny day i'll find her i know
But till that day i got nowhere to go
(rep #)