Hi all, I have a Kuston KGA10Fx amp with the basic low, middle, high knobs can i get a good dimebag/ early metallica sound from it without buying a pedal, if so what settings do i need.
Get a distortion pedal, wheeping demon wah, and make sure your treble is turned all the way up

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dude get urself a dime distrtion pedal and pick a a delay pedal they should be able to push for a dimebag tone.
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Dime and Metallica get their tones in vastly different ways. Metallica from Mesas and Dime from SS Randalls. Can you get both on your amp? Well....

I would start with gain maxed, treble at maxed, mids around 1/3, bass 50-75% and see what you think.
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I doubt your amp could get those tones. Save your money and get a better amp.
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I suppose the top option overall, if you're patient, would be to snag a 5150 off ebay, very versatile amp, and reasonably priced.

If you aren't patient and have around $400 the Randall G3 series would get you most of the way to Dime and good enough Metallica.
It's a fine line between clever and stupid.