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Welcome to all newbies.

If you've just registered and you want to introduce yourself, say hi, etc, this is the place to do it. All other threads shall be closed

Keep it clean, no flaming, and no random spam.

Make sure to Read the FAQ and the stickied threads in here before posting.
hi sonixon, welcome to Ug!
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soxixon looks like he has been here a while mate (guitar_newb), anyway, thought I'd introduce myself, I'm Brian, I'm 13 and have played acoustic for three months. I hope I learn lots here
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hi sonixon, welcome to Ug!

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hello new members!

and I didn't know sonixon is from NS.

Hey i just transferred here from the tab world. It wasnt really worth anythign and i just go sick and tired of the way they treated me and other people. They were total ***holes over there. I heard bout here so i decided to come here. I'll post my lessons and stuff probably here but first i need to git them off of there somehow.
Hello n00bs...

From hereon in, you'll be known as "The Newbie Who Tries Too Hard" by those who joined before you, and "God" by those who join after.

Just a heads up...

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Hi I am new to the forums and have been playing guitar for four years and plan on playing guitar till I die and beyond my death!
I guess I should've posted here instead...

Well I've been playing for 4-5 months. Originally we had to play for school, which made guitar suck, but like right towards the end of the year, i started getting into it.
hallo to every the users, i'm a new member and i began to be a member of this site by sending my version of a nice song of madonna: hung up. I made it by "guitar pro", so now i wanna invite you to download and listen this tab; i'd like to now what do you think about it...bye
Hi, everyone. I joined UG a week or so ago so I could get credit for my tabs. I've made two of them so far. I've been playing guitar since Christmas of last year. I enjoy a lot, and I hope to get a drum set soon.
Hey guys... Welcome to UG. I just want to tell you something before you embark on this wonderful journey that is about to unfold right before your eyes. Don't get soft, or you'll become someone's boyfriend. Have fun!
Hey boys. I've been here, but not for long.

I plan to have a damn good time here checking out the different guitar threads. I'm confident I'll learn quite a bit.

Welcome to all the new members as well.

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Hey all.. frequent UG visitor.. finally took the initiative to register.. lookin forward to chatting with you all
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Hi to all.... im new here just want to have new friends... i really wanted to have a friend who knows everything about guitar.... cause im a guitar addict... and i also want to greet all pilipino rocksters.... peace...
sup' ya'll!
just thought i would say hi cos n00bs are supposed to do!

I play guitar, got an Ibanez GSA69, but i also ploay piano, so its all good!
Hi my names Superganja23 and I just started playing an electric guitar, my goals to be as great as jimmy hendrix ;D
hello. im a noob.peace out.
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Hi, anyone out there know the market value of a '64 Les Paul
Custom? excellent condition, original case etc
Hi or in German Hi leute ich freue mcih hier zu sein.
I come from germany and i want to talk about my songs.
I hope my English is god ^^

I like ultimate guitar very much and it is the first side when i search tabs =)

Sekar =)
My name is Gibson06, and sometimes when nobodys watching, I masturbate... yes, I said 'masturbate' haha I'm halarious.
Hi, I'm CannibalCarcass, and I eat the severed arteries of lacerated carrion. Then I write a brutal yet technical death metal song about it on guitar.
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Hi, ive been reading these forums for a bout a year and a half but i havent bothered to sign up untill now.
Hey, my name is Spencer, I'm 12, and I love to write songs. I'm also learning how to play the guitar. I don't have any completed songs posted yet but when I post some I'd appreciate your comments.
Hello beatiful people of the UG forum!!! Im a long time reader of the various threads and finally took the short time to register!!
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Hi, ive been reading these forums for a bout a year and a half but i havent bothered to sign up untill now.

same here but it actually 2 years or so.....
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Hi...I come from the land of retarded chickens aka ireland. i play guitar, obviously and i don't like posting threads. ive been using ug for a while now and have only thought of registering now for some strange reason. i dont see any point in registering as there are no benefits apart from the fact that i can discuss crap with other members red smilies rock
Hey..Im from Hell...Satan is my best friend. lol jk

My name is Teez, Im from NYC, I'm a metalhead, I'm an atheist, I play guitar (DUH)...umm...idk just ask me for anything else. k. bye.
Welcome to the site. You seem to have a pretty good taste in music. You should hang out in the metal forum.
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Welcome to the site. You seem to have a pretty good taste in music. You should hang out in the metal forum.