Hey, I'm in a band called The Coldcuts, and I'm looking for a new amp. I have about 700 bucks to spend on it but I could go as high as 1000 if it really caught my eye. I was reffered here from another board because apparently you guys know what your talking about. I want to here some suggestions for what amp I should buy that's around my price range. A couple that have looked pretty nice so far include this marshall from the AVT series and this all-tube peavey. Any advice and suggestions you have will help me out a lot.

By the way, can any of you tell any difference between this amp and this amp. Other than a slight difference in appearence, I think they are the same...which raises the question: why is one of them 300 dollars more expensive.

Also, do any of you know a website that explains wattage, speaker size, and ohms so I can get a better grasp on those concepts?

Thanks a lot.
Just get a used tube amp dude...
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Don't get an AVT, they're shite compared to what else you can get for that price.

What type of sounds are you looking for from an amp?

And get a used valve combo.
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For the money you're talking there are a bunch of decent options. First, what sort of music are you playing?

For example...
Marshall DSL401
Traynor YCV50 blue
B-52 AT100

Carvin V3
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aznrockerdude: how 'bout you try to help?

zstien: ok, judging from the sound of your band, and your price range, you have a few options. some may depend on your willingless to buy used equipment. (imo, not much of a problem, i got my amp from ebay, and my family got their 3 cars and a motorcylce off it to, so for me it's been pretty reliable.).

anyway, the two amps you've picked, the avt and valveking. the AVT sucks. don't even consider it. it sounds life less and dull. the valve king is good, but in this price range you cand do much better.

now, i suggest you find a used marshall jcm 800 combo, or jcm 900 combo off ebay. there isn't much difference between the two depending on which model of the two series.

another amp to check out would be the traynor ycv 50 blue. great cleans, overdrive reminicent of that of a marshall.

if you play metal occasionaly and cleans don't matter that much, you should check out a used peavey 5150 combo.

check out the ones i've suggested and tell me what you think.
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the jcm looks awesome, but I don't know if I want to but that much cash into something used like that...the traynor also looks nice, but we play just about only rock so the peavey 5150 combo prolly isnt for me. Thanks for the input
Amps are sort of like cars, used ones may need some things but work great. Buy a junker and you're boned, buy a good one and you just saved a grip of cash. And classics just get more valuable as they age.
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yeah I guess that's true...im just worried about buying a junker...

So who here has played the peavey 212 valveking? I wanna here more about that one
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Yo wassup, I'm trying to expand my musical horizons if you know what I mean, so can anybody reccomend me some cool Juggalo jazz?
I think that a Traynor YCV50 would be a good amp for you to check out. It's basically like an all-tube Marshall, only at a fraction of the cost. I have one, and I absolutely love it. Lots of volume and power, great tone, and enough gain for most styles (I use a Boss SD1 Super Overdrive to boost my lead channel for compressed lead tones though). Great clean channel, very versatile, and comes with a footswitch. Here's a link:

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