Hi, this track was done with a demo of acoustica beatcraft which i may consider to buy

this is the 1st song ive made where ive done the full backing,

please listen to it as much as you can bare!, please remember this is only a demo,
the middle section is a little different, i didn't feel like the song should have a real solo so when for a little multitracking instead.

I kinda have the words for it, but not 100% complete, will add them at a later date

thanks for listening,

Has a nice clean sound too it. I like the main riff (played at the beginning, and throughout the song)...but once the other layered guitars come in, the only problem is that the distorted one seems a bit too low. Maybe you wanted it low, however. Overall it sounds like a very solid piece. I definetly like it, since it is sorta Mogwai/Explosions in the Sky-esque... Good Job.

What is your recording setup?
College. ... ? . !!
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