am i the only elp freak here? I absolutly love this band, seriously some great stuff, cheak it out if you haven't already
Awesome band, but I think this oughtta be in the prog forum

Keith Emerson plays like he has six hands.
I have an AUTOGRAPHED copy of his autobiography.
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We played Karn Evil 9 and Toccatta for our marching band's show last it. It was pretty amazing.
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Ahh, I love the Pit.

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they're awesome. I love their live album
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I have hear Pictures At An Exhibition, Brain Salad Surgery, and Works Vol. 1 and they are fantastic. Carl Palmer is truly one of the greatest drummers who ever lived.
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I really like them. Keith is a revolutionary and I LOVE Brain Salad Surgery.
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Every ELP thread starts with "I am the only ELP fan here?"

But yes they're great.

There's been at least two or three (not counting this one) in the past few months... there's just enough interest to generate new threads, but not enough to keep one thread going. *shrugs*