I've heard some good things about this amp, such as it's high volume and great modelling, and I've heard bad things, such as muddy sound at high volume. I recently found a Bandit 112 in the classifieds listed @ $250 CAD, ad says perfect condition. Is this a good amp for me? Consider the following:

My only amp right now is a very crappy Behringer 15 watt practice amp

I play mostly metal and hard rock, with some blues or clean(er) stuff thrown in

I have a current budget of approx. $350-400 CAD

Comments are appreciated, this will probably be sold fast!

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for a SS, i really like it. i personally think its up there with randalls, but thats just me.
and depending on your guitar/pickups and other such things you can get a fairly good metalcore sound out of it.
I have an Ibanez DT200 stock, if that helps. Any issues that anyone has had, please tell me. If I'm gonna spend money on a new amp I want one that can perform.

Jackson DK2M -> ISP Decimator -> Peavey 6505 Combo
well, seriously dude. its a nice little amp considering its not expensive and is not tube. that doesn't make it bad.

but yeah, it'll be fine for your guitar
if you had like a Melancon or Caparison. i'd say save your money.

so me, i'd go for it.
i wonder what other people have to say about them on here.
Yea i played it and i loved the sound, really loud and good sound, i was goin to get it until I fount a xxx on ebay. I suggest you get it, i would.
it has a great clean channel, the OD channel is only good for metal and hard rock though and it doesnt have any crunch really, i only us the clean on mine though as i use my Boss GT-6 for all dist. and stuff, i got mine used for $172 USD off eBay, its gets pretty loud and can play over drums at volume 2.5-3