Just wanted to know how everyones first gigs went, it will also tell people what not to do lol.

Okay my first gig was at my school, I was doin sorta a combined effort with two bands, we did "I Bet You Look Good On The Dancfloor" and "We Will Rock You". The first song went without a hitch, I did Co-Vocals, The second however screwd up completely. First my voice went terrible (bad throat ) then the PA system went on the fritz making my voice loud then quiet then loud again. After i'd sung the vocals the guitarist and drummer didn't know when to stop. They got to the end of th solo but cudnt get the ending right, so they did the solo again, and again, and again...
All the time me and a few othe peopel were doin the feet and hands beat lol. OMG i regret that. Even worse is they recorded it all on video, DVD to be greleased soon....*sigh*
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It went better than I thought it would. We were playing at a festival for new bands and most of the crowd were goths etc. My band plays radio friendly stuff at the moment and it went down pretty well amazingly enough. It was a great atmosphere backstage though. All the bands were really friendly and we just had a right piss about. Good times.
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Pretty well actually, but all guitarists just remember do not try and put cool things in solos, our other guitarist tried to be flash on smells like teen spirit and totally f****d it up. I wet maself and we cudnt finish the song. Also dont have your strap to low...looks cool but makes it harder for yaself. Good Luck my fellow band member dudes/dudettes \m/
it was at a guitar festival and we played..... american idiot.
it was ok. but at the start of the 2nd verse i froze; went "uuuurrrrrrr" then sung the 1st verse again . everyone was reallyu nice and gave us loads of applause
my first gig went ok....my voice was f'd up and the mic didnt pick up my guitar. (that was 2 years ago)

my newest gig will be the **** tho!!!
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it sucked so bad....we played at a party, we were playing funeral of hearts... our drummer didnt show up, so ya ok we played with no drums, in the middle of the song people from the party start calling our cellphones(they were in our pockets) and suddenly our bass player just leaves(bathroom) then the vocalist leaves the stage to answer the phone, and there i am all alone playing the verse....sucked like hell
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Isn't this what the storytime thread is here for?
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I get up there, all alone, in a garage party in november in minnesota, freezing my ass off.... do ok, **** up a little bit because they pa was being a little peice of ****.
At a party, we were playing with a my very cheap Casio keyboard to keep a beat becouse we couldnt fit a drum set in th van, we all used little practice amps to play and the mics were not the best. The song that was our best one (Swing-Swing - All American Rejects) turned out really bad, but the rest were allright, then we got kicked off cause they wanted to dance.
mine went very Nirvana like, guitar came off the stap when i was standing, it hit the ground so I played the songs out of tune, but as close as I could. still sounded ok though.
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Eh at the time i thought it was great, but looking back we kinda sucked. Oh and in the middle of seek and destroy RIGHT after the solo when only lead guitar (me) plays the riff my amp was going in and out so it sounded like crap. Great fun tho.
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played my first gig to 12 people and we got paid 6 dollars. Total.
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srry its just i wanted specific answers i suppose, plus i didnt know that was about, i thought some mod was having a bit of pedo moment r sumthin
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played a battle of the bands infront of about 200 300 people, no stage in a gym. We won :-)
it was rather crap- it was with my old band, and our drummer was on coke and speed for the whole gig and she couldn't play for ****. ****ed up most every song. We covered My Way by Frank Sinatra though.
First Proper gig: went great. played to like 2000 people and got paid $450! Pretty good and we're only 14 years old.
I did actually pretty well, I mean I was on bass instead of guitar, but still. I had fun, and got complimented after the show which was pretty cool, too.
I just played it last week. It was me on acoustic guitar and my friend playing guitar and singing. We played an original, entitled, "Thanks To You, Valentine's Day Sucks A Little Less This Year" and a cover of "Swing Life Away" by Rise Against. We played it for a benefit concert for my friend's music teacher that passed away last year. It went perfect and I can't wait to do it again.
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Well, it wasn't really a gig but it went really well. We played to about 1000 people at my school for end-of-term assembly, and it went great, everyone loved it.
My first gig went great. Some little school thing, just me and a drummer playing instrumental versions of No One Knows (QOTSA) and Enter Sandman (Metallica). I did the solo from Enter Sandman behind my head, which got a pretty cool response

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First gig..about 3 years ago..it was great,for our band atleast,cuz we guys got our first break.We played 'Nothing Else Matters (ok,it seems corny now,but it felt great at that time)' and I didnt play the solo to perfection.Heck,it was pretty much a mile away from perfection.Then,we played 'Alive' by POD (it was the rage at that time).This was a gig at school,and I think it went well.I was too freaked to ask anyone how it went,but I think it was great.Only 2 songs,cuz there were many other bands performing too,and time was limited.
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ACDC - Highway to hell.

Well, the band performing before mine, the lead guitarists guitar sorta broke, so he had to use mine. And he down tuned my B string, and I didn't know, so I started playing, and my first chord sounded terrible,so i turned the volume off, and pretended to play, and the lead guitarist covered for me :p
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My first gig was amazing, i headlinded in a place calledc Metro on Oxford St, London. About 150 paying people there, all my friends.. i was worried that i couldnt warm up before the gig and i remember being nervous, but not too nervous.. Then i remember playing that first note and from then on it was just perfect... Man, gigging is such a buzz ! better than any drug !
Went quite good... ****ed up highway to hell though.
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lol that remindds me, i was so nervous i plugged my bas into one of the practice amps behind the 100W Gibson, and it sounded like **** lol
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