End of the tunnel - Zero (now known as Raven Rage)
Good day
Its been a long time
Since I've Seen this
Strung between two worlds
Where do I belong?
I look dead in my sights
And write to you
I may never write again
Will I ever come home?
Or die tryin'
Will I ever be home
Or never see again
I'm a blind man
I see now
Better than ever
My mind has left me
But you're still there
(sub-chorus) (x2)
(Good day son
It's all over the battle is won
Time to go home)
Chorus: (x2)
There's a light at the end of my tunnel--yeah yeah
I run toward it now
Where it ends I don't know
I am back with you
Gone but not forgotten
My tunnel ends hear--yeah
Chorus (x4)
(gone but not forgotten, for you now) x4 {add yeah yeah at the last 2 parts}
the bit that comes after (subchorus): the subchorus or is that a space for the subchorus? Well n e way, its a real good piece man, really like the bit between (subchorus) and (subchorus) (X2) great lines, the chorus is strong , but i dont think you should repeat it 4 times that is too much in my opinion 2 times would do fine! 8/10
noy bad certainly not my style but not bad. pretty good actually keep it up, lovin the short lines
Songs working on :

Thanks. I am gonna post another one right now. I wont like post alot of them at once though because that may generate space issues ya kno?