so I am having trouble when writing songs... I get some really good stuff going, but most times I cant find anything else to go into unless I play the same pattern or something just with something alittle different, but it always sounds similar. Also I tend to start with the same chord alot. I understand the only way I can fix this is to find something else that fits. But I dont know. I need help!.
well, shake it up a little a lot of times my best ideas come while im warming up and accidently stumble over someting.
what im tryin to say is that unless you are on a deadline, dont force it out, let it come to you
yeah iv had the same problem. i usually start with an Em chord whether i want to or not.
i tried picking some random chords off a sheet once... dunno wat else i could give u
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yea, the Em thing I usually start with a G power chord of some sort, but I notice I use this chord alot. but in alot of different variations, its horrible because I can only do so much with using a chord like that and it gets me stuck on songs, but the songs sound how I want them to for the most part, but half the time it gets repedditive.


/\/\/\/\/ chord example.
I dont like to take riffs tho, maby Ill take a rythem from something like a palm muting pattern, but thats common.