I have to go with Tobacco burst. It's so slick looking. Alpine White is nice too but only with the ebony fretboard like on the Les Paul custom. The alpine white with the Black fretboard and mother of pearl inlays is GORGEOUS.
tobacco sunburst, thats wat i have
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people have different tastes. for example, i like good music, u like your dad's testicles.
Black. With gold hardware. Les Paul Custom FTW!
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Honeyburst or natural, Mark Bolan's LP Custom was immense.
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Gecko, all the way:
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Transparent wine red, gold hardware and black pick guard.

mmm, i have to agree with this one
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how do those marshall handles compare tonewise to, say, mesa handles?

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desert burst is nice
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I love the wine red...but where did you get that silverburst? I haven't seen that anywhere...
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The alpine white with the Black fretboard and mother of pearl inlays is GORGEOUS.

damn straight thats the best...been looking for one...anybody know where i could take a look at one?
i like iced tea, honeyburst,desert burst, heritage cherry burst,alpine white,ebony,goldtop,and that silverburst is uber sexy
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Black with gold hardware :P

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