Alright dudes, right just askin for abit of info or experiance concerning Jay Turser JT 72f. Now i've had a couple of looks at it and i've played it at the shop and it sounds equal to my '81(early '80s) American Gibson Spirit, and i think it looks beautiful to, a sort of wolfgang lookin beast..i like it; im playin' through a 60 watt messa boogie atm. Im just a little apprehensive about buyin' it, Turser have aparently got a good track record for reliability etc but i dont know anyone personally who has invested in one (plus its about £300 but the guy is selling it me for 230)...like i said, any help or experience would be sweet...i'll try n upload a pic lol. thanks for your time.

The one in the shop is a more chrome and white as opposed to the darker metal and black, excuse my non-technical lingo. thanks again