ive been trying to write music lately and im at a loss of inspiration. i dont know what style of music to write because im influenced by a lot of different bands(heavily influenced by theses four:red hot chili peppers (with frusciante), led zeppelin hendrix and audioslave; and the rest of the influences are guns n roses, the rolling stones and some metallica and megadeth). my main problem is sticking to one type of rock music. i want to play music thats hard rock but i want to sound like hendrix and frusciante. anybody got some suggestions?

well try listening to bass players to get riffs if you like to listen to RATM ad RHCP because thats what morrello and frusciante did and not to mention all the other great riffers like wes borland
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frusciante uses a lot of chord shapes with extra notes thrown in. look at Californiacation, the main riff is Am then F. Under the Bridge is D then F# for the intro, and you can probably see what the verses and choruses are. so breaking up chords and adding notes works for that kind of style. i would say hendrix is pretty similar to that as well, from what i remember (havent played much hendrix in a while) he used a lot of chord shapes as well. he had a bass kinda think going on in the lower strings then a melody going on in the upper strings using extra fingers.

with led zeppelin i tend to kinda hear a more focus on meshing parts well, so there might be a bunch going on but it fits together well. there is a wide variety of style, but a lot of it is blues influenced. i would think that again looking at chord shapes would be a start, but then more focus on building in riffs that fit in with the chords.

thats all i have for the moment, ill see if i can come up with anything else after work.
i say write whatever you want and whatever serves the songs, and if you end up writing a cd's worth of songs where some are heavy, some are funky, some are poppy and some are country ish then so be it, all my songs aren't from the same category, i write some metal, some techno, some industrial some country, a bit of everything and thats fine variety is the spice of life!!