Which guitarist had the biggest inspiration on you to begin playing guitar (could be a bassist) and who are some of your other favorites? Explain why.
The guitarists that made me want to pick up guitar were Kirk Hammet, Slash, John Frusciante. But now my biggest inspirations are John Petrucci and Steve Vai.

Forgot about the explanation. I loved Kirk Hammet and Slash because before I played guitar, One and November rain had the "best solo's in the world in them", Plus I liked the bands they were in a lot etc.

But now I love John Petrucci, because of his fantastic playing ability, plus his songwriting is fantastic, he plays such good music with Dream Theater. As for Steve Vai, he is also a great player, and it comes out in his music, and his live shows are awesome. The reason they inspire me so much is because there playing skill songwriting etc. is exactly where I want to be with my playing.

There are alot more reasons why I like these players, but its too much to write down and I cant be bothered.
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Tom Delonge was my biggest inspiration.

Explanation: His songwriting and basically everything he did musically made me want to be a successful musician.
john frusciante. everything about his palying always mad eme feel better when i felt like shiit and its really moving music that he creates.
Dan Donegan from disturbed. I know he may not be the best guitarist ever, but the songs he wrote are just incredible. He also proved his talent by putting guitar solos in some of his songs are amazing too for a "beginnner of soloing".
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eric clapton. i used to only play acustic and his unplugged album really got me going. i learned all of the songs on that cd. i also knew that i could never be fast so i wanted to play like him and make my music emotional. my hero right now though is stevie ray vaughan. trying to sound and play like him as made me so much better at guitar.
Kirk Hammett and the Iron Maiden guitarists inspired me to pick up the guitar, nowadays I'm a big fan of loads of stuff, but mainly Paul Gilbert, marty friedman, Yngwie Malmsteen, Vai, satch and Hideto Matsumoto...and loads of non-guitar stuff.
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The person who inspires me to play guitar was one of my freinds but now my main inspirations are Muhammed Suicmez and Zakk Wylde. Suicmez because he's an insane sweep/shredder and Zakk just for the way he makes his guitar sing.