A very recent piece, a huge influence of Porcupine Tree and maybe a little Opeth. I am not done with piece there will more added to second verse , a finished better acoustic solo, a bridge or two and much more. Oh by the way the top 2 guitars are tuned dadadd with a capo on the 2nd fret, I always love using this tuning because of it's resonance on my guitars.

Edit added a bridge and a 3rd chorus want to add more to the second verse and maybe a 3rd verse and a complete outro chorus.
Transparent Skin 2.zip
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I thought the part with the little dissonant acoustic lick over the main riff sounded a little too weak...in my opinion, when you play something really dissonant it should sound really confident so that it sounds like it's being played that way purposefully. Other than that, I thought it sounded good. Overall, it's definitely worth working on.
I think it is rather good to be honest, although i dont really see the point of having 2 strings at two different sides ( l/r ), you could just use one in the center and it would have the same effect cos at the moment its a bit overpowering

But apart from that, yeah very workable
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that was.... brilliant. porcupine tree rules.
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