i like to play classic rock, metal, punk, blues, and soft stuff; pretty much everything. I own a Boss Metal Zone and currently play through a Vox Pathfinder 15R... should I spend $300 on a new amp, like a Vox Valvetronix, Roland Cube 30, or a similarily priced low-end Crate...or should I just save up or buy a multieffects processor?
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cube 30.

Either the Cube or the Vox.

Are you going to be playing metal and punk more, or the softer stuff more?

The Cube is more suited for metal, but the Vox has superior cleans/bluesy distortion.
Crates are cheap and relatively crappy amps. The Vox AD30VT and the Cube 30 will be the 2 amps to look at. The Cube specializes in heavy tones(metal, hard rock), and the Vox is better suited to softer tones (classic rock, light rock, blues, country, punk), although, both amps will be able to achieve the styles that you want to play. It's basically a matter of opinion, althogh, I prefer a Vox ADVT.
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