whats the difference, im assuming g.p. is better since it costs money, is it worth getting guitar pro?
well, there are a lot of more tabs for g.p, exspecially difficult ones, so I'm assuming maybe it could be a good investment.
power tab is free, plus is a little eaiser in terms of GUI interaction and getting what you want on paper. Guitar Pro is more powerful
I find that most guitarpro tabs are incorrect. But power tabs for the most part are 100% correct.
the tabs have nothing to do with the software itself, besides guitar pro 5 can run powertabs too. guitar pro just amases me everytime with it's complexity yet ease of use. i use it daily to learn, write and transcribe songs. i suggest everyone should get it, it's helped me tremendously as a musician and as a guitarist.
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I know the software has nothing to do with it. I have both powertabs and guitarpro. Someone just made the argument that guitarpro was worth it because it had more tabs available on the net.
Really? I've seen many more powertabs than gp tabs. GP sounds better, is easier to tab out multiple instruments/tracks. PT is free, does the job well.
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idk about either cause i'm on a mac but I would imagine guitar pro is better, plus its coming out for mac in like 5 days.
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What are us Powertabbers missing out on? (I just downloaded this today)
also G.P is easier to navigate through each part of the song-helpful if you want to focus on one part
Also (maybe i just dont know how) but i cant get rid of the proper sheet notes to leave just the tab on power tab
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Power Tabs works fine and it's free. It has drastically helped me improve. I learn songs faster and play them better that way.. being able to listen pause then play.
Guitar Pro seems to be better. I use powertabs. I personally don't care about the features. All I care about is being able to see the tabs, hear them, and play along with them.

Download GP off limewire. problem solved.

if you get number 5, it has RSE, meaning the soudns you hear sound GOOD, not midi! real sounding instruments.
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Guitar Pro seems to be better. I use powertabs. I personally don't care about the features. All I care about is being able to see the tabs, hear them, and play along with them.

Guitar Pro by far is superior. But then again that is why it costs money.
for finding tabs:power tab, more of them and more accurate tabs, but when you find a good guitarpro or make your own good one you'll love it forever

for making your own:guitar pro by a mile. I use guitarpro whenever i can make something that sounds cool and just easily translate the notes and tab it on guitarpro. it's also nice in a full band setting so you can get all instruments tabbed and such
Thanks everyone I didnt know power tab was free...I installed it thanks.

Holy crap this program is nice for a freeware...I love it!! And so many power tabs *downloads 100 powertabs*
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you should learn to read music
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i have powertab and love it
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I downloaded it a few days ago, and I am amazed at the accuracy!!!!! Every nuance!!!
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you should learn to read music

Powertab is teaching me. It generates sheet music as you make the tabs. Since I have been playin the drums for about 7 years I know how to read music, just not different pitched notes yet.

Apollo IV here is the link to DL Power tab

My friend went online and found a whole database of guitar pro tabs. I have almost 30,000(28,352 to be exact). Some are duplicates, some are useless, but they all work, and they are better that power tab for the actual tones you get. , plus the little thing in the bottom makes it easier to focus on certain spots of the song and check all the parts.

I do have to say though, learning a song by GP or PT is good because yous ee the flow of notes on the fretboard, but if you learn by ear, you own the ****in' song.
I downloaded GT5 On Limewire, But now i dont know how to install it?? anu help

Plus everyone i Download says its a virus
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