im gonna be in highschool band this year an i dont play any other instruments but guitar/bass an they wanna try an use my guitar skillz an anyways what kinda stuff should i learn to play? i havent been playing long an cant read standard notation... so can anyone help me?
Lots of people can't read music. Help? Make some songs with your band....? Or if you can't make your own music do a cover.
Learn standard notation if you wanna be in band.
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Yeah, learn tabs first, then learn standard notation. That way, you can practise on your guitar with tabs and teach yourself to read music. That's what I did anyways
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The majority of high school bands won't give you tabs. You could learn notation or you could find someone to transpose it into tabs. Are you playing in marching, concert, or jazz band? Keeps in mind that high school bands compete regularly and, depending on the skill level of the rest of the band, the music will be fairly difficult and you said that you haven't been playing long.
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You can't be in a school band (I assume you mean jazz band?) and not read staff music, if you ask for tab they'll look at you like your a total noob, and find someone else (even if they can't play as well as you).
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"standard notation"?

Whatever. Learn to read tablature.

you do realize by learning notation, you can greatly expand your musical horizons. dont be so narrowminded. tablature is easy, and theres a lot to be found, but most is halfassed and incorrect, and generally a pain in teh ass to read through. you cant read tablature nearly as efficiently as notation.

threadstarter, i would advise learning notation. pick up a book or google it. its simple enough once you get teh hang of it.
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^That being said, "standard" notation is redundant, as it's designed around the major scale, and there are so many different ways to play the same note on a guitar.

But to be honest, I misread his post. I thought he was joining a highschool band- as in, with his friends and classmates, perform at talent shows and whatnot. But if he's joining thehighschool band, like with a real teacher and all, and organized concerts, then it's true he should learn to read sheet music.
Um danno????

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Definately learn to read music...it'll help you in the band and on your own. As for the music you should learn...depends on what they play. In my high school band days (trumpet) we did a lot of show tunes (ugh) and film music. I don't remember there being much room for guitar; we had a guy who played, but we made him to mostly bass riffs that were basic and boring.
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yeah im def gonna learn standard notation, an im a girl (danno all those hes made me feel weird) an uhr... yeah its the marching band, i think the person said 'front on-samble' yeah i cant spell.. so what.. i just wanted to know what kinda songs to start practicin.. im gonna try an use guitar pro to learn standard notation but does anyone know another perferably free way to do it?
Front Ensemble...I think you'll be a stand-alone kid. Ones that don't march.

Get a cheap guitar book. Ask friends for their old books (preferably trumpet players, trumpet music=guitar music).

And where are you located anyways? Marching band is usually instituted in actual marching and football games. Depending on the weather, it would be complete **** to have you play on a 22 degree Friday night with snow and slight hail.

What you should learn, I don't think anyone else but your fellow band mates and your teacher will know. I know my high school does themed marching (show tunes, spy films, etc.) so you don't really know what you're playing except repetitive staccato passages with a trumpet lead in the case of Westerns (I play trumpet ). Start off with the Star Spangled Banner and memorize it. That's most likely what you'll be wanted to play.
im in jazz band and play guitar you will have to read sheet music eventually. im surprised you got by the audition
but anyways pickup Mel Bays Complete Method for Modern Guitar it will definately help it may be boring but it will help
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learn 2 read standard notation


EDIT: Tabs are for people who are too lazy to actually read notes, unless you want to do a cover, lol
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yeah id say learn notation , like everyone else has been saying. anyway what kinda guitar do u have ?
yeah im gunna have to say learn notation, like everyone else has been saying. anyway what kinda guitar do u have?
I recommend learning standard notation but I guess I posted kinda late.
What everyone else said.
My guitar teacher has me use this Fender Guitar method book where I learn notation and I work on tabs just to improve my playing. The combination works well.
Just wondering though like regret_not[ said what guitar do you use?
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