So I had a day off work and my band were busy doing other things so I kinda recorded this in the morning. I'm happy with how it turned out, considering I finished it in an hour by myself. Who knows, I might make something bigger of it, depending on if I still like it tomorrow. You all know how it is.

see what you think

Are these MY feet?!
Its good got an 80ies feel to it the drumms and times are off and dont sounds to good but at other times they sound good. U influenced by pink floyd or somthing???
Sorry that didnt make much sence i meant to put th drums are off at times and dont sound good all they way though exept for that its good
I like it, the sound is very majestic
No I don't want to play your guitar... I might light it on fire.
to be honest, i was going for a smashing pumpkins feel. But I didn't really put a lot of thought into what was going to influence it it just kinda jumped out.
Are these MY feet?!