I know theres tons of threads about guitars with a floyd rose, but I couldnt find an answer in any of them, I need step my step instructions on how to tune a guitar with a floyd rose, If someone could tell me, or post a link.
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If its a double locking floyd rose system the problem probably is that you have your nut locked in which prevents the standard tuning machines from working. Just take an allen wrench and undo the three screws that lock the nut and tune it from there. Then after its locked again if you go out of tune use the fine tuners at the very end of the bridge(the really big screws that are perpendicular to the bridge)
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Most likely the problem your having is that by the time you tune all of your strings individually the ones you tuned first are flat again,,,,,and thusly by the time it actually is in tune your bridge is sitting up so high out of the cavity that your action is terrible.,,,,What you need to do is detune all your strings again so that you bridge is low and in the cavity,,,then when you tune up, tune so that it is sharp, decreasingly so as you go to the next string,,,,,by the time you tune the high e tune it normal,,,and the others should be relatively close,,,then lock your nut and use the fine tuners
I used to have one. I would get some tension on the strings with the nut unlocked. Adjustment screws at the bridge set at 1/2 out. Basically I would start at the D string, then A,G,low E,B, high E. After each string is brought into tune, tune the others. As you tighten strings, the others will go flat due to slack. Just keep repeating and you'll notice the degree of "flatness" decreasing as all strings get closer to correct tightness. This process will take several sequences, but eventually all will be tuned. Tighten locking nut if you have one, check tuning and make fine adjustments with screws at the Bridge. Their a pain in the ass.