I just got this today and I must tell you Muse fans out there, if you don't have the ability to get it before it comes out, it is worth every penny. The sound is very different, and needed a couple listens through to fully enjoy it, but now I am completly in love with it.

If you've heard the whole thing, post your thoughts here.
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i listened to the whole thing last night and it is horrid. Muse was a pretty great band before imo. This new thing is a 'supermassive' load of crap.

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Theres a Muse thread on this page. And the album is awesome.
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I was never really into Muse but I am definately going to buy this CD. I know that it is quite different from their past albums and their songs seem to have much less of a poppy vibe to them, and much more of a progressive "Pleasure Forever"-esque and electronic feel. Check out the new album though when it comes out.
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muse thread
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