Ok so this was really fun recording the music I really got into, thats why there are some mistakes, that I only noticed afterwards but decided to keep it because I wasnt really worried about getting the music right, I was just having a good time. Vox are there, but they only serve a couple of purposes, to make you laugh, and to make the time go by, because I really suck at singing. The last solo is improvised, if you wanna take a listen . Crit for Crit, and thanks for listening in advanced.

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anybody wanna put anything here just let me know
Hey whats up man, i've talked to you on aim a few times before.

I'll be completly honest, your timing on your guitar is off man, pretty much through the entire song. Just doesnt flow right. Vocals, well, i think you already know

Your lead playing is much better than your rythm, enjoying the solo

Love your tone too, i just think the song needs more practice
yea my timing is that off, damn, well hey thanks for listening, oh and i know the vocals are just there so it wouldnt be just nothing but guitar, IM NOT A SINGER JUST A POSER..haha, but hey man thanks for listening i didnt notice my timing was that off, I will try to correct that soon. thanks man.
anybody wanna put anything here just let me know