thought id make this thread. im more of a gibson fan but id have to say butterscotch on a tele and on a strat about anything looks good
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I really like the way sunburst strats look. The strange thing is that I don't really like sunburst on another kind of guitar, nor do I like any other colour than sunburst on a strat (well I also like some other colours but sunburst pwns them all :P)
sunburst strats with black/tortoise pickguard and black teles with black pickguards.
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Trans Blue on a Strat.
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for a tele, blond, red or black does it for me,
a strat, white with red pickguard. i love gibsons more though!
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I like natural Koa and Matte natural w/ a white picgaurd on strats & teles.
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sunburst or chrome/metallic blue
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white with white pickguard for a strat. pretty damn sexy. or a black/black.
not a real fan of teles but if i had to-black.
This is a very interesting thread! I'm a Tele player, so my comments really only apply
to Tele's (I guess)... To me, the best looking Tele's are either the Butterscotch Blonde (like the '52 reissues, with the black pickguard)...OR...even more so...any Vintage Blonde Tele, white pickguard, rosewood fingerboard! To me, that's the best
looking combination for a Tele. It's too bad that the Vintage Blonde is only available
on a very few Telecasters now. Actually, the Highway 1 comes in a Honey Blonde Transparent that's close... There's Vintage White, Butterscotch Blonde, a few others...
but for my money, the Vintage Blonde is the best. Oddly enough, the true Vintage Blonde seems to be limited to the Squier line of Tele's...the Standard and the Fat Tele Standard...if these were better guitars..(if they played as well as they looked)...to me they'd be perfect! Unless you've got the money to go "vintage"...
a 60's Vintage Blonde...
vintage blonde, I love it.
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my strat is a white blonde transparent,its really cool and you dont see them much anymore.
I like my strats red and my teles on the road in a pile of shit.
I like my strats in surf green.
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