hey lads!

got a rake of adapters today to set up my pedal board, each adapter gives off a crazy high pitched whining noise, cant get rid of it no matter what way i plug them or switch around. ther almost directly under the amp, is the interferance ther cause the adapters are to close to the amp or does that matter? the make is "skytronic"
any help appreciated, thanks.
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sounds like they aren't properly grounded... but i think morley makes a device that you plug them into to stop the hum and squeeling of adapters.
You have to make sure that the polarity is the same...as well as the output (AC, DC, 9V..etc.), as well as the milliamps...otherwise its gunna make noise.

Actually even if you have all the right stuff...if you have a lot of pedals theyre going to make a lot of noise. So get a noise suppressor.