This is going to make you think I am stupid, but whenever I try to create a cool hard riff I go to a scale and can never seem to work anything out of any scale. I dont know why. Can you please help me on learning how to write riffs and solos from scales and any other tips you have.
Just say "**** the scales!" and play something that souds good to you. Then you start working with scales, change a note or two... Just be creative, forget scales if they suck to you, and if they don't too (lol).
Don't know if it helped, I tried. Good luck.
hey man, im kinda drunk rite now, so i probably wont remember wot iv said, but if it helps thts cool. dont play by the books, forget scales, try and do sumthin without them. i've done it and it all seemed to work out pretty dam good
i think you need scales to a certain extent. If you play and just muckin about in different keys you get an ear for what notes sound good together. You can then use scales for a guideline to writing a riff

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Most of the time i start off with a chord...Write down the notes that i like...then take another chord's...And then i get a whole bunch of notes i like...Then i just start randomly picking those notes until i find the order that i like...then i go for the tempo...I know it takes long...but i'm just a beginner...need to learn the good trick's...but this is more for beginners
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If youre like me, I get an idea in my head (or just randomly play something, which gives me ideas) and dont worry about what scale it is, just think of what you want to hear after it and find out how to play it. My friends a bit better at theory than me and sometimes he tells me Ive gone to a different scale or whatever halfway through a riff but thats usually cus it sounds better (or just as good) that way.

If you want to learn theory, it will help you but dont let it hold you back from what you truly want to play.
Playing down and just forcing yourself to make up a riff is usually a bad idea and normally it wont work out. Most of the time coming up with cool riffs comes by just messing around on the guitar and you may just come across a few notes or even something and you'll strike an idea. Don't restrict yourself to staying right in scales, but most of the time when you come up with something that sounds good together it is in a scale anyways.