i just put up Master of Puppets, it's a "rough draft" so to speak and still needs some work, but let me know what you think of it so far, i know the timing is off in some parts, which ill fix later.

p.s. remember by disturbed, and BYOB from system of a down are new posts as well..

haha wow im stupid, heres the link.. http://head88.dmusic.com/
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Yeah.. Where?
A link would be nice
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yeah your timing is off put your playing is pretty seamless. solo is pretty good. pretty damn good. some parts are weird, but you have the main points of it, and hell it's a cover, so what does it matter? nice playing, nice tone, nice bt.
Very nice tone. You've really captured that Metallica chug. Timing is off in a few places here and there but overall very well done.

What kind of setup did you use for this? Amp? Guitar? Effects?

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Listening to your BYOB at the moment, the playing is pretty flawless, the part that goes 007008007008 sounds too muddy to hear, and I don't like the tone overall, but thats not your fault. As far as playing goes its awesome.

Listening to MoP. The tone sounds better for this song then BYOB. The spider riff sounds awesome on your guitar. Playings pretty good, some timing errors like everyone said but it's nothing major. Good job on both.
thanks for all the input, i know the timing is off, and eventually ill re-do it. im playing a jackson randy rhoades professional, japanese model from the early 90's, it has EMG pickups, an 81 and 60 in the bridge and neck. i play it through a digitech GNX 3000 straight into my computer.
this is good, it's too distorted though, nice solo
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i have to tell you man, i wasnt digging the tone, but you did a hell of a nice job.
I never got around to critting this cover, but I've listened to it before.

Timing was actually a lot better then most people's covers of MoP on here. The clean interlude wasn't bad. The harmonizing guitar or whatever behind kinda ruined it. The harmonized solo was really good though. The normal solo was alright, but not as flawless as the first solo. But this is an old cover, I'm sure you can do better.

Overall, pretty good. Better than most on here.
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Try to lower the treble, it sound like a thrash metal tone, perfect if you want to play kill'em all stuff, but not for heavy metal (my opinion of course). About the playing it was very good. The clean part need more work about the tone, its seem too muddy. The first solo was well played, can't notice any major issue. The palm-mute was very well done. The first part of the second solo need more cleaness on the playing, there's some timing issues but not very noticeable. The rest is well played as i expected.

Overall: Everything is fine and well played, a little more work on the second solo trying to make those pull-offs more cleanly and muting the necessary notes if needed.

P.D: And where did you get those backing tracks (MoP and Creeping Death)? There's a lot better on www.guitarbt.com.
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