does anyone know anything (pros or cons) about the Kustom WAV 212 combo
if you know anything good or bad tell me
but the amp puts out 130 watts and has built-in effects for 300$
so it must be a pretty good deal
I don't know about the Kustom WAV 212 but I have the 65 DFX. This thing sounds pretty good and is LOUD! It can blow my cousin's crate SS 120watt half stack. It blew away a cranked Line 6 Spider 2 halfstack (obviously) and It is as loud as my friends Laney 50 watt GH50L half stack turned to 5 with my Kustom on 3-4. This is a 1 x 12 combo. I am very pleased with the sound and volume. Even though I have heard many bad things about the new Kustom amps I am pleased with mine.
Kustom makes some great stuff, I have a little KGA 10 combo (10w). I have played on othe kustoms and I didn't have a problem. I would like to try it, but I don't really care for the sky blue 2x12".

I have found reviews at Harmony-Central: Wav 212

Sorry I cannot be more help.
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