so its time i upgrade my amp (FINALLY!). im using an ibanez toneblaster right now (vomits). its terrible. so i'm looking into buying an amp head, and a TUBE amp head. so i've been looking, and i found the randall RG150G3 on music123. is this a good amp? i dont want to spend more than 500 on a head, because i have to get a cab first...unless there was some way i could use my ibanez as a cab temporarily(its a 100w combo).

and what cab should i get to go with this head(or whatever head recommended)
any other suggestions? thanks.
You might get more responses by posting in the GG&A forum, a mod will probally move it there for you. The Randall is not tube. It's a hybrid.

I don't think you will find any tube heads worth much for $500. A Valveking and an OD pedal would be decent. If the toneblaster is a 100w combo, you can use it as a 2x12 cab as long as the impedance is right.

I would just get a tube combo :]
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Jesus, I'm sick of saying this to so many n00bs, but DON'T GET A HALFSTACK FOR THE SAKE OF GETTING A HALFSTACK.

An extremely large majority of the time, you can get a similar combo for a lot less than a half/fullstack.

As to what chase312 said, yes, you could use it as a cabinet if the impedance is right, but it probably wouldn't sound great, as I'm assuming it has bad speakers.

Go for an all-tube combo, but I can't recommend you one since I don't know what style music you like to play.