I was wondering if you could help me with a certain technical problem I?m having with regards to live performance monitoring. I fear the product I really need no one yet makes. I?m finding myself in many situations ? especially playing big halls ? where I just cannot hear myself and engineers don?t know how or just simply don?t care enough to help me with their monitoring systems. Bringing my own amp on stage would solve the problem in many instances, but a lot of times they prefer that I give the board a direct line and they mix me with the vocals. I play electric violin, which makes no significant sound at all without electricity, much like the electric guitar. Now I don?t have a lot of money but I?m willing to pay a reasonable sum to someone who could design for me a hard-wire box that I could wear on my belt that would give me some delay and reverb in controllable combination that I could plug my violin into (the violin has the standard quarter-inch out). This hard-wire box would need to have two outs. One to go into just one ear (only one of my ears works 100%), and the other to go to the mixing console, preferably XLR but quarter inch usually works because most venues have direct boxes on stage, you know. Maybe it should have both. I?ve searched the web and all I?ve ever been able to find are the wireless in-ear models that need to be connected to the mixing console. This is not enough control for me. I want the signal in my ear first before any one else receives it. Could you or do you know anyone else who could design this/make one of these for me? It has been suggested to me that perhaps a headphone amp and a belt-sized guitar effects unit - which, you know, two units seems a bit too much for one belt to me, but, even so, how would I be able to give a dry signal to the house?
Make some kind of splitter box and run it both to the PA (so they can hear you) and both to your amp (so you can hear yourself)

Does your violin have some kind of built in preamp in it (as I'm presuming it has some kind of piezo pickup system)? I think that should be enough to run 2 things off it.
Or if you run it through an effect pedal with 2 outputs (Boss's DD6 delay has got either stereo delay or one wet output and a dry output)

and how the hell would hearing yourself play before everyone else hears it work? as music kind of tends to happen all at once and you can't just be playing half a beat into the future before everyone else....
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first of all, i play violin too, so sweet! but i play a regular violin with a transducer
anyway, right back on topic, you can just grab a wireless transmitter and an ear monitor [they do exist, theyre kind of lik CIA/FBI type secret agent things] however they tend to be expensive, but since youre playing large halls you may want to invest in it