ive pretty much been a rhythm player for as long as ive been playing(almost 5 year)i can play basic solos but i just cant seem to move my fingers fast enought to play tose blisterin fast solos that sound amazing...so my question is, to all those lead players, how did you get so fast, what are the techniques i need to learn from basic excersises to getting good enough to play sweet solos, btw, im good at guitar i know what notes to play in solos i know the scales and modes ect ect but im just looking for help on how to get faster...thanks
Practice? Not all lead players shred by the way.

Invest in a metronome, start 4 finger and 3 finger chromatic exercises at a very slow tempo, around 60 or so, doing 16ths. As you perfect it, raise tempo by 8. Once you've got that perfected, increase once again by 8. Rinse and repeat until you're fast.
sorta same here. I can play quite fast. But i dont really know any really good scales, I just sorta know the minor pento i think although add my own notes, and bit here and there.