this is the first song i've written in what feels like forever, this is pretty much it, except for the bridge part, i still need to figure that out..well, crit for crit. enjoy

woah ooh oh christine,
you make me wish i never met ya
you've brought me more heartache
than i could ever take
but after all we've been through
it'd be too much if it's you i lose

[verse 1]
it's bad how they've been treatin' you
your make up's ruined from all the tears
oh, some days death feels good you say
but it's because of me you'll stay
i know it's love you got for me
and it's my foolish pride
that's making me think twice before saying
those three words back

[repeat chorus]

[verse 2]
you'd think i know a good thing when i see it
i guess my sight's shot to ****
from all the tears i've shed for her
spent so much time hanging on one person
i lose sight of someone better
and that person's you

[repeat chorus twice and..maybe a little bridge..if i feel like writing it later on]
G-G-G D-E-C C chord