alright, i have been trying to figure out what it is that im searching for and ill include a clip of the sound that i want. i am a funk guitarist. sure i need a little gain for the leads, but i dont need some hiiiiiiiiigh gain amp for metal, because i dont play that stuff. its really hard to explain the sound i have been craving, but its very much like old funk, such as the tone on the red hot chili peppers' mother's milk. now i understand that these marshall avt series are described as "a great starter amp thats way overpriced." ive never heard them, so ill just have to agree. another thing ill point out, the best amps ive ever heard (but this is due to not hearing highly praised amps) are my friends b-52 AT120 half stack i believe it is, and an older mesa boogie triple rectifier i think? if not something of that matter. the thing is, neither of these provide the riffing tone that i want.

Nuno Bettencourt Funk

while ive never heard any of this guys tunes really, after his first example are some great sounding riffs that contain the exact tone that i want. my question is, what amps have this? the new marshall hybrids, vintage amps, or is it the sound of something completely different?