whenever i try to play fast... well if i down pick wich is a pain for playin fast as you all know my left hand can keep up no prob but when i try an alternate pick even at the same speed, my left get gets retarded an cant keep up, i practice alternate picking alot an now im learning stuff the first time with it but idk whats wrong anyone help?
can you alternate pick slowly? and if you started only down picking, that doesnt seem right
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this is something that every one faces, the classic coordination problem. You just need to sit around doing practice scales and things like that, we all had to and still do. You can't expect for yourself to play perfect all the time anyway, as thats impossible
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You can't expect for yourself to play perfect all the time anyway, as thats impossible

Jimmy Page can
I have this problem also. I'm self taught and have been playing for almost 6 months now and i just recently started playing more and more and someone pointed out to me.."hey retard, try picking up and down, not just down....its faster"

after 6 months of straight picking down...its so hard to catch on, even if i do play for hours straight...****ing left hand.
coordination...I'm willing to bet you're trying to alternate too fast.
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best way to practice is build your muscle memory. If you're just learning how to do something, do it exaggeratedly slow. Slow enough where you're using absolutely perfect form and making no mistakes. When you can do it without making any mistakes, go a little bit faster. But the whole thing about practicing is that slowness, if you train your muscles right, will lead to speed. Good luck
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Ok i know where your coming from as i played all down with picking for about a year before i even knew about alternate picking... so heres what i found will break you of the habbit, play it slow and on all strings...i usually start by fretting the first fret low E and going from there up to the A and sp on the moving upa fret, everytime i screwed up..back to the first fret lowE, tedious, yes, but now can alternat pick like nobodies business, and becase its going in all directions you dont become faster ascending or descending!!! have fun!!

-1-2-3-4--1-2-4-3--1-3-2-4--1-3-4-2--1-4-2-3--1-4-3-2-1 (First this way)

-u-d-u-d--u-d-u-d--u-d-u-d--u-d-u-d--u-d-u-d--u-d-u-d-u (then like this, then next string!)

It broke me of the habbit, plus once you get REALLY good at it as in you cna play it on all strings all the way through at every position flawlessly, you will also be able to rip of scales almost as fast as you learn them, i can look at a scale a emidialty (spell) be able to run through it fast, i usually can rip a new scale or new lead line at about 166 BPM right off, so good luck and happy picking!!
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