I was looking at two pickups, a SH-8 Invader and a SH-4 JB,
both seem to be good, I want a pickup that can do pop-punkish
really nicely but still get pretty heavy, and I can't choose, so I have
a question:

My guitar (IBZ GRX40) is in (N) S-S-H (B) configuration, would the JB sound
like it normally would in the bridge position if I did my guitar into
a configuration like this- (N) Singlecoil - JB - Invader (B)?
I would have to cut the pickguard, which isn't that much of a problem,
so yeah.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!

I'm getting a job, and if I was too get both of those
pickups with Grover tuners it would cost around
190.00. Would it be worth the upgrade on a GRX40, or
should I look into a new guitar?
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-Ibanez GRX40 *die*
-Peavey Valveking 112 50w Combo *yay*
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i am no pro on pickups, but i would say not to go for the new guitar, becasue by the time you get the money to get a guitar that is better with better pickups, you could have already made the guitar you already have pretty nice.
I'd prefer to keep the one I have, I was just wondering if the JB
would sound like it would in the bridge in the middle..
Unless the JB can get really heavy sounds outta it..
That's why I want the Invader, and I want the JB
for more pop-punk sounds.. so yeah.
My totallyawesomeness gear:

-Ibanez GRX40 *die*
-Peavey Valveking 112 50w Combo *yay*