re did this one...

vocals from shooter over at Guitars 101...

i played all guitars rest is the backing track...

let me know what you think


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you slow down alot , nice tone though. you missed alot of parts. other than that, its great
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Yea the solo was a little rough...my vibrato with bends suck ass but otherwise else i have a good vibrato...

any more?
"If you have control over your mind, you can do anything"
-Jason Becker
a lot better than any of us could do, good job.
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Good job, decent singer too. I never listened to the solo properly so I'm not sure if it went by the book, but it was a good listen, thanks for taking the time to do it.
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Props for doing the live version, love it haha. Quite a few mistakes in the leads, and even the rhythm seems off in some parts. Timing needs some work. Solo needs a lot of work, you have the right idea, but it sounds like you learned it in 15 minutes and never slowed it down at all, just went straight to recording.

Hope this helps

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