does anyone know of any free guitar designing software? (i dont mean kiseake, i mean so you can make your own models) free would be nice but shareware is accepted to, ty
you could allways get a bootleg copy of CAD or rhino 3d off of kazaa or something because there isnt anything thats going to be free unless you steal it.
Alibre Design Express is free. I don't remember the link to the site anymore but I've used it. It's simple enough if you have drafting experience with software like Inventor. I prefer Inventor over AutoCAD... it's so much simpler. But if you can learn to use Alibre, it's a pretty good tool. I've designed a couple guitars on it.
yea but cad is almost limitless ive made a 3d jaguar xke that was sweet, it took 1st at the fair it just takes time to learn and a student version is pretty afordable. oh and just remember its only illegal if you get caught ...
Inventor is a type of CAD. I like it much better than AutoCAD because it's all in 3D. It sounds awkward at first but once you start using it, the possibilities are endless. The only thing I ever use AutoCAD for anymore is schematics.

Alibre is basically a watered down version of Inventor.

EDIT: Just wanted to clear all that up in case there was anybody wondering.