Well me and my friend are looking for a two person acoustic song I guess it'd be a duet, but who the hell knows/cares lol?

So basically the only requirments are
It has to be acoustic
It has to have two seperate guitar parts

I'd like it to be something set up kind of like dueling banjos where one player really plays his ass off while the other plays some chords and then switch but it doesn't really matter

The difficulty doesn't matter a whole lot as we have a lot of time to learn it but please something not just to un godly difficult

Thanks in advanced
why not write your own song? that would be simple enough
that's what we're going to try to do this is just a back up plan because nether one of us is very good at writting music and we want to play something at about the level and style of Nights sorrow by Becoming the Archetype
IM not sure about it both being acoustic but some nickelback songs has 2 guitars.
well I have almost nothing to contribute right now but Tears in Heaven has two acoustic parts.
Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd
Pallar Anders Visa - In Flames
Holiday - Scorpions
Layla - Eric Clapton
Nothing Else Matters - Metallica
Mama Said - Metallica
Low Mans Lyric - Metallica
Smile - David Gilmour
you should have a look at mediterranean sundance by Al Dimeola and Paco De Luce

listen to it first then decide, it quite tricky!
Search for duets by Bert Jansh and John Renbourn.
Ive never tryed playing them so I dont know how hard they are...but they made a few albums together (seperate from the whole Pentangle band they were in) and got some nice sounds. Is good
everything on the alice in chains unplugged has two acoustic guitars in it. if one of you has any kind of singing voice i'd check it out.
Well, the band that immediately springs to mind for me is The Rolling Stones. I'm not sure if you like their music, but keith (and brian, mick and ronnie) have always tried to incorporate what they call "the ancient art of weaving" into their music. Its basically where the two guitar parts overlap and intertwine so that the guitar parts sound like a cohesive integrated whole. If you listen to say, "beast of burden" (which sounds great on acoustic) you'll probably realise what I'm talking about. Btw, it'd be great if one of you sang as well.

Oh, here's a video of Clapton and Mayer doing a dual acoustic thing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ns0tW4c95aM&search=eric%20clapton%20john%20mayer

Hope that helps!
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