I'm looking for a new amp to use in my band, The Coldcuts. We play rock music, with a little punk added to the mix. I've been reading around on here for a while and I've found all-tube is the way to go. I just wanted to hear thoughts on the Peavey ValveKing 212 Combo Amp, because when I saw it, it caught my eye. Tell me what you think about it and tell me if you know of any better amps for around the same price. I need it to be powerful and loud enough to use on its own as well as through a PA system. Thanks a lot.
i've used the head... and its plenty powerful enough. it has ok tone... it will cover anything from blues to metal (not too heavy) but it doesnt do any one tone particularly well. its a great deal though. you could probably get a used tube combo for the same price, maybe a little more, off ebay, and it would probably sound better.
**** tell the singer to quit trying to be a tim armstrong rip off, anyway, i hear its a decent amp, I was going to get the halfstack but relized the xxl was way better for me. just get it, it doesnt sound like your band is too heavy, so you wont need anything to crazy.
yeah, we're not really that heavy mostly...are peaveys more metal oriented or what?

and yea...our singer likes rancid and the t-plants, theres nothing i can do
No, I have the peavey xxl halfstack, i play in a punk band in the vain of pennywise, against me, face to face, ect... I had another peavey 210 combo and it sounded awsome aswell. You can get a **** load of tones from it, i would say go for it, i love peavey.
yeah, a bunch of ppl were saying go for a used marshall jcm, but a combination of costing more and being used makes me a little standofish on that idea...
the jcm is good, but its more. You will like peavey, mines a ss and its sounds ****ing amazing, i would honestly bet in a blind comparison people wouldnt be able to tell the difference between it and a xxx or recto, no joke, ill try to bring it home from my practice house tomarrow and record a clip. the valveking is new and i havent played it, but i have only heard good things about it. just go for it.