I'm working on a college project in which I need to write (done!) an entire children's album and then submit it to publishing, children's entertainment companies etc (not done) I was originally planning to record the album myself using a MOTU 828MkII, Digital Performer 4.6 and my Powerbook, but want to go full quality now since the songs are going to some high profile places. The previous demos I made of the song ranged from the quality of just acoustic guitar and vocals recorded with the mic on the computer to me spending 3 hours sequencing stuff in Reason 3.0. My professor advising me on this project told me that I shouldn't have to spend any out-of-pocket money on this and I should be able to get grant money.

Timing couldn't be more perfect for a recording studio to open up on campus! (Although not affiliated with the school.) I went in for a meeting and they told me they will charge $40/hr which will include free mixing & mastering and can duplicate CDS for a buck. I have 7 songs on this album. My question is how much should I ask for?

Most of the songs are only 1:00- 2:30 minutes. I have session guys lined up for rhythm section and some vocals, but will need session vocalists and some instrumentalists for things like viola, horns, etc. They told me they are $40 and hour also.

How much do you think I should ask for in grant money? It can't be anything too ridiculous. My college isn't very acceptable when it comes to the arts and most money goes to "real" careers like the science and business department. They need to realize this children's album is the equilivent to me doing lab work in a hospital!
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You could record the basic tracks of the songs in one day (8 hours) so that'd be $320. Then the next day bring in your session vocalists and etc for just like 4 hours so add $160 for them. So I think you could work with $500 but I'd go ahead and ask for $600 just to make sure you cover everything. Good luck.