alright well my guitar is making a buzzing sound specificly the A string from fret 3-6 any suggestions o and open e and d
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it might be the fact that some of your frets are higher than most of the others, so the string hits against it when you play, e.g. play a c on the third fret of the a string, it may hit the fifth fret and make a buzzy-twangy sound. to solve this problem, you may need to file down the frets that are high, or get a pro to do it, if youve got no idea what im talking about.
hope that helps you out mate.
The height of the strings off of the fretboard is probably too low around those frets. I.e. when the string is strummed it is vibrating against the metal on the fret. My suggestion would be a truss bar adjustment, if you dont know how to do it, take it to your local music shop and they'll be able to do it for you. It is somewhat of a procedure, so dont risk neck damages if you dont know how to do so.
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