Okay. I have a decent computer, voice/condenser mic, and Adobe Audition. I notice that when I record things, I get a lot of ambience from the room and it doesn't sound like a great recording, sounds amatuerish and home-made (even though it is). It's not the quality, it's just the room I record in shows on the recording, and you can tell your playing in a small room by listening. Is there a way I can reduce the room ambience and make the recording sound a bit more proffessional? Like a filter feature or program, recording tips, or anything? I searched and didn't come up with a similar thread. I can upload an example.
some rooms just dont sound good... try hanging blankets from the walls to reduce it. also try other rooms.
i think garageband has has a noise reducer filter, but u need a mac to have that program, i dont think they make it for windows
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first you could start by hanging carpet from the walls to deaden the echos and reduce ambience. mattresses also work for this. you can then put some reverb on the entire song to give it the sound of being in a larger room. a filter or some good EQing on each track to cut out some of the excess noise might work too, then adding the reverb.
dampen the room or the area around your mic, theres not many things you can do software wise becAUSE a filter will think its something you don't want to filter.Mabye adjusting the eq (doubt it though).
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Dampening the reverb with thick blankets along the walls helps. It might be easier to use a closet - plug the closet up on all sides with thick blankets and throw your mic in there before recording. That would probably help a lot.

The other option would be to use a dynamic mic instead of a condenser. Condensers are great for picking up subtleties, especially in vocals, but they can't be 'aimed' and therefore always pick up a room's natural reverb. A dynamic mic is not as sharp, but the benefit it that you have much more control over what you want to record - they tend to grab only the sounds in front of the mic. Granted, even dynamics will pick up a certain amount of reverb, but this will be a lot less than a condenser.

Good luck!