I'm looking for something i can record with that doesn't need to be plugged into the computer as you record. All I really need to record is bass,drums,and 2 guitars. Also, if it could connect to the computer where i can upload them that would be great. Is there something like this that is in the $200-300 range?

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All you need is a mixer, a tape deck (a good one probably with 2 holders) or a CD burner. Theres lots of cables that you have to hook up between all of those. When you record onto the tape put onto the CD or just record straight to the CD and then pop it into your computer and import the songs.
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well for what you are talking about, that would cost you WAY more that $200-$300, sorry buddy.

^but what he said will work, it will just sound like ****
any of those multi track recorders by fostex and tascam and etc. will work fine as long as you have a good mic, and you would probaly need atleast 8 tracks probaly
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in theory you could get decent results with a smaller 8 channel mixer and a tape deck that is meant for recording. look into a small tascam portastudio or similar. one with 2 inputs. plug all your mics in the mixer, and the stereo outs into the 2 inputs of the portastudio or similar tape recorder. the only problem is that once the thing is recorded, thats pretty much it. you can eq it, but not each instrument individually. what i would do is put a side a few hours (ya hours) and get your band together in a place where you can leave all the stuff set up and take the time to record everyone at the same time, go back, listen, make adjustments, and repeat. once you get it all set up, you probably wont feel like playing a few songs. so i suggest you leave everything setup in a dedicated area and dont mess around with the mic placement or levels too much. ive heard half decent results this way. the main thing is that you put the money into a real tape deck, not a home stereo deck. decks made for recording operate at high speeds, and have built in hiss reduction systems that make them decent for recording. with some good mics, a behringer mixer, and a quality tape deck, you could potentially get myspace quality with practice. heck, youve inspired me to consider this route aswell. remember, practice mic placement and mixing, as your recordings will only get better with experience, and upgraded gear as you go.

Good luck!