Guys... I hope you'll help me out with this one... I'm going to buy an electric guitar with a budget around $200. I'm playing lead most of the time, more like Slash playing... I play rock and metal most of the time. What guitar would you advice?
you aren't going to be able to get anything of real quality/good sounding for under $400, man. Fender standard srat or an epi les paul/sg would be the cheapest, best guitar.
ibanez rg 2ex1 i think they might be three hundred but i swear by allah,ghandi,and jesus that thats the best guitar you can get for 200-400 bucks, its a guitar center exclusive so go there and try itr out if you dont believe me
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id say an OLP MM1 its amazing for the price and it has the same body style as eddie van halens wolfgang
If I were you, I would save up more until you have around $400. Then your choices for good guitars will be wider. But right now I have this guitar,


It's very reliable and hasn't failed me yet, but I'm getting a Schecter C1 Plus in about a week, which is on layway at guitar center for $625 with an SKB case. That is a great guitar but it might be out of your price range if your not willing to save up more.
Agile AL-2000. www.rondomusic.com. In your price range, a very solid choice.

Dean EVO. Muscians Fiend has them for around $100.
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Sorry for the late replies guys... amp? nope... i sold mine a few years ago... but im planning to buy a 15w marshall. that's why my guitar budget is kindda low.
Yeah, I know that I'll probobly end up with a beginner guitar. My guitar teacher recomeneded a squier tele... it's less than 200, what are your thoughts on that?
^ Stay away from squire...please.

I like the Ibanez guitars...just got a few in the other day at work and theyre really decent guitars. i REALLY like the OLP MM1 idea...i love that thing!
I've checked on Agile guitars, and wow... they look great, especially the les paul models.. But I'm located in the philippines and credit card is not a way of paying (in my case lol).

I've been reading a lot of thread here, and it seems that squier has a pretty bad reputation here... how come?
Squier has a bad rep because thier build quality varies widely from solid to horrific. You can get a squier, but make sure it's one you can play with for a bit before buying, also, make sure the same guitar you test is the one you take home.

Once again, consider Deans. Even their cheap-ass guitars are solidly made.
It's a fine line between clever and stupid.
I was talking to a tech the other day who said the newly made squiers were very reliable in terms of parts, so i dont know, maybe if its one of the older 80's or early 90's ones go for it or a new one possibly...I started out with a squier, and it is still together this day, gave me 4 years until i bought a jackson
ahh... thanks for clarifying that guys. and in case i'll be buying squier, i'll definitely play it first!
Washburn WI14. Best guitar I've tried in that price range.
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maybe ebay?

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