Well I really liked the chorus, it was my favorite part.
I liked the verse too, but it just doesn't sound "finished" as you said you weren't done.
The solo was ok but it just didn't flow real well. The 16th notes just didn't sound right, especially when the last note holds out, it makes it seem like it's being "cut off".

Overall, it was good, with a nice melody that made me smile.
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Do you know what, I reckon this has the potential to be a really great hit. Seriously, with a bit of tweaking on the solo and adding some decent bass and drums in this could be awesome
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cool melodies and rythym, especially when the second guitar comes in, it speeds it up a lot, pretty cool, i have some P-Tabs on here if you want to check them out, and critique please if you can!
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I liked that lot. The Chorus was very catchy. The lead lines sounded really good, especially when they went with the chorus.

I like it thusfar. I suggest you keep on working on it.
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