Well I recorded this wah riff a few weeks ago after getting my Vox V847 and I guess I'll just post it here. It's incredibly short, but constructive criticism would be highly appreciated.


(Its the one entitled Funky Wah riff)
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whoa man that is very awesome your tone is godly man, very hendrix like, love it. This is definately a cool little riff, i hope to see it in an actual song, that would be awesome. nothign really wrong with it. expaand on it, thats all i have to say. GREAT RIFFAGE.
anybody wanna put anything here just let me know
very very very hendrix sounding...... when i first played it i thought it was like your own little version of voodoo child...

i like it... !!!
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that sounded very well. maybe expand? and at the end i think the playing got softer, i think keeping up the level that it was at in the beginning might be cool. sounded great.
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