Guitarists are collectors, with that said list your collection so others can see what you are playing, so instead of all these "what guitar should I buy?" threads people can look here and see what others have been playing.

I have been playing for 4 years and I have 2 guitars

My first guitar a D7 Crafter

My second is a 314 Taylor Guitar (which is my long lost love!)

Getting a third which will be electric
well ive been playing both guitar and bass for 3 years now. i play a bc rich beast guitar and a warwick corvette bass. the warwick is a piece of art. i love it to death and wouldnt trade it for almost any other bass. the beast, on the other hand.......it sounds great for my style, metal and hard rock. but it is not versatile, not in the least. dont expect to play jazz or blues or anything soft on it! but again i comment on its ability to play withing metal and rock.
i plan on upgrading my whole setup in the next few years, probly gonna get a real high end esp electric and possily ovation acoustic. and for bass.....im looking at dingwalls, check 'em out if ya havent seen them!
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ive been playing for a little over a year and I play a Hondo Les Paul Knockoff, but its and OLD knockoff, also i play a Samick Greg Bennet tribute guitar, and i also play an Ibanez AX120 7-string model.so there
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ive seen these before. one guy sold 2 air guitars, for $2 each or something. people are retarded, what can i say.
dont we aleady have a pics of your gear thread?
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I've been playing for just over 2 years and I have a cheap £15 nylon stringed classical guitar from Argos (first guitar). I also have a Yamaha Pacifica 012 (cheapskate I know) which I love to bits, until I get another (fingers crossed for a PRS!). My electro-acoustic is a Freshman FA1DCEn which is the latest addition to the crew. Just for the sake of it, my amp is a Marshall MG15CD (hooray(!)) and my effects are a Carlsboro Wah Wah pedal (crappy), a Marshall BB-2 (love it), a Danelectro Bacon 'n Eggs thing and a Zoom GFX1 multi FX unit.
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