Ok , I have posted this here before, with out any drums but now I put drums in there, this is my first time ever putting drums into one of my songs, so its just a very generic beat. Plus I still have to learn how to use this drum machine. But here it is I changed some guitar parts too. Hope you like, crit for crit leave links and thanks in advanced for listening.

Link in Sig
anybody wanna put anything here just let me know
I really like it. Its a really mellow progression, and the lead works over it really well. I really like that sliding in the background, I can't tell if its keyboard or guitar (I think keyboard), maybe turn that up a little bit. Its nice when you have another guitar come in a little before the 2 minture mark. Nice and slow, emotional, I really like it. A few really minor timing issues in some places, but nothing that I thought took away from it. Great job.